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Cycle tours in ebike

The Itria Valley, with its picturesque country lanes adorned with trulli, trees and farms, is the right place for a bike ride. Tenuta Monacelle, in addition to conventional bicycles, also offers a range of electric bikes that make our guest excurtions it more entertaining and less tiring.

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Tasting olive oil

As known, the extra virgin olive oil is the real star of the "Mediterranean cooking", and obviously of the apulian one, simple but rich in flavors and in healing properties. Apulian cuisine enhances the flavor of an high-quality oil, therefore be able to recognize an oil of excellent quality, is essential.

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Cooking class

Tenuta Monacelle is just the perfect place to disconnect from the urban chaos, reconnecting with nature and making new experiences, such as learning to cook. It's a great opportunity to learn how to make traditional dishes of Puglia, such as “orecchiette” pasta, meatballs, focaccia, and more.

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The harvest: cherries, mulberries, figs

In addition to being the land of farms, trulli and ancient villages, the Valle d'Itria is also a producer of cherries in the world. Tenuta Monacelle preserves in its 20 hectares a beautiful cherry orchard consists of 900 trees that every year, between spring and summer, are tinged with red.

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Laughter Yoga and massage

A Tenuta Monacelle our guests can experience the wonderful power of the vibration of their laughter. The Hasya Yoga is a revolutionary idea simple and effective, drawn up by the Indian doctor Dr. Madan Katari, which combines unconditional laughter exercises that stimulate the "Pranayama", yoga breathing harmonizing body and mind, bringing greater oxygenation to the brain and body and strengthening the immune system.

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Food&Wine Weekend

An adventure in the Itria Valley full of good food, wine and nature. Themed dinners exclusive fine wines in a fairytale place. Tenuta Monacelle is the perfect location for a holiday food and wine and relax. An ancient village of trulli eighteenth century, once inhabited by a group of Benedictine nuns, which has kept all the charm of its past.

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