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Special events


The property offers to the spouses a special treatment to define your wedding details: there is our wedding planner Valeria, who assists every step of the wedding. You could ask for your food preferences to our Chef Alessandro and listening to his advice in order to choose a menu that can satisfy the tastes of your guests and a balanced wine pairing.

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Happy days

giornifeliciDuring the life period there are so many special days that deserve to be celebrated in a unique setting. The excitement of the birth of a son, the first sacrament of baptism, first communion and confirmation are moments to celebrate with elegance and good taste.

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TenutaMonacelle 45The extent and versatility of spaces and a large safe parking allow Tenuta Monacelle to offer the possibility and organize meetings or very special events.
We designed our conference room circular in order to offer a space that can host an audience arranged around the space of discussion or even sit comfortably at the table.

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TenutaMonacelle 4An event or ceremony success depends on the wise mix of simple but fundamental ingredients .
Whatever location you choose, whatever occasion you have in mind to celebrate, the catering service of Tenuta Monacelle will come at your place giving you a refined taste to your event.

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