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The Masserias

There are six farms within the estate. Each one with its own distinctive features that are inspired by nature and its elements. The farm of the green pine trees, the rust-colored one of the Apulia land, the cherries farm, overlooking the Ciliegeto; the yellow farm near the pool; the farm of rock, grey colored, built on a prominent bedrock; lastly the yellow farm , which is located close to a wheat field. The masserias are built of Salento tufa of organic origin, porous and therefore able to let the interior environment breathe.

Each of the six farms that are located in the estate is equipped with rooms tastefully furnished and equipped with every comfort, in different sizes, and for the possibility of adding a third bed or the presence of a Jacuzzi in the toilet.

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The Trulli village

You can stay overnight in the Trulli Village. Tenuta Monacelle offers seven magnificent trulli (from the late greek τρούλος trúlos, ancient greek τροúλλος Trullos, "dome"), conical dry-stone buildings, all furnished in epoch style and able to offer a cozy atmosphere and let you enjoy the hospitality of the place and people. Every room is furnished in a personal way and it creates an elegant and welcoming atmosphere in the Tenuta’s exclusive style.

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